Own Your Voice

 Reignite Your r/EVOLUTION

There has never been a better time to reclaim your power and reimagine your future. When you own your voice, your untapped purpose becomes an unstoppable power - Re/ignite your r/EVOLUTION.

 Own Your Voice Summit is a 5-day immersive virtual experience hosted by Sahar Paz. 

This is a 100% online event.

Own Your Voice is Sahar's 

Annual Social Impact Initiative

This experience is designed for conscious leaders who want to improve emotional intelligence to master their communication and relationship management skills. With a LIFETIME all access pass, Sahar alongside seasoned leaders will guide you to change your life by understanding the power of your voice. 


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Every morning, you'll have a 20-minute welcome with Sahar Paz introducing you to the topic of the day, and helping you make the most of the program.  

Morning Momentum presentations are working sessions, you can expect guided meditation and journaling rooted in emotional intelligence, led by Sahar Paz.  

Every day, you will hear Impact Talks from our selection of Voice of Impact speakers.  

Finish every day with recordings of the LIVE sessions that grow on your Morning Momentum practice. Listen to Q&A from real women like you to get your questions answered on a deeper level.  


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The Own Your Voice Summit features invigorating sessions led by Sahar Paz, a world-renowned Author, TEDx speaker, yoga instructor, and a highly sought after Emotional Intelligence and Personal Branding Expert, who has been hired by HBO, Facebook, among other forward-thinking organizations. 

Sahar Paz didn't grow up playing house; she played office. At the age of 13, she launched a baby and pet sitting company generating more cash flow than all the lawn mowing boys on the block! A natural leader with an active left-and-right brain, Sahar was 25 years old in New York City with a lucrative career in Finance--bored out of her mind. Inspired to share what she learned in business, she pivoted and dedicated herself to feeding the entrepreneurial voice of teenagers by founding Free Your Star Foundation. The nonprofit partnered with Brooklyn's low-income high schools to offer credit-earning programs written by Sahar. Championing the voice of others to help them understand their emotional intelligence and personal drivers has always been Sahar’s mission. Published in 2014, her book, Find Your Voice, part-memoir, part cognitive behavior guide, epitomizes that pursuit. Her message gained attention within forward-thinking organizations such as HBO, Facebook, Whole Foods, and the Texas Medical Center, where Sahar was invited to deliver keynote presentations. After five years on the road, Sahar became the CEO of the Own Your Voice Strategy Firm, a personal branding agency focusing on placing elite professionals on stages to speak. Furthering her passion to help people find their voice while giving back to the community, Sahar refined her focus to coach leaders on how to own their voice in their careers, relationships, and life. Sahar founded, Own Your Voice Strategy Firm as a for-profit business with purpose, they are currently obtaining the Benefit Corporation Status, and Own Your Voice Summit is a reflection of Sahar's dedication to always remember the third bottom line - you, your voice, and your value.  You can find Sahar on INSTAGRAMLINKEDINFACEBOOK, and TWITTER.


For our third year, we've curated a 5-day experience to help you reignite, reconnect, reimagine, reclaim, and revolutionize your voice. 

Own Your Voice Summit's founder, Sahar Paz, will guide you through self-awareness techniques and in-depth discussions that will reveal the emotional drivers that impact how you claim your personal power, or unknowingly give it away, one conversation at a time. Each session will build on the last and help you breakthrough in 5 areas of life: self, relationships, mission+money, and spirituality. 

1.Overcome fear with breathing techniques that you can practice anytime, anywhere.

2.Learn healthy ways to manage your thoughts and emotions, especially when nothing seems in control.

3.Find your voice with guided journaling supported by live sessions led by Sahar Paz herself.

4.Become a more confident and effective communicator by gaining access to the daily #WOWKit (words of wisdom).

5.Overcome resistance, procrastination, and stagnation by understanding and applying emotional intelligence techniques.

6.Find greater harmony and balance in your internal chatter through creative and cognitive exercises.


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"I have a core value to champion the women working hard to create a positive impact in her circle of influence, Own Your Voice Summit is my extended hand to her, and every leader that supports her." - Sahar Paz

Gain clarity where you’ve been uncertain, and become a S(h)ero of your story. 
Reconnect with the areas of yourself you’ve been hiding or  have burned out. 
There has never been a better or more important time to FIND and OWN your voice. 

You ARE a Voice of Impact. It's time to show up for yourself. 

Day 1:  Re/Ignite 

Day 2: Re/Connect

Day 3: Re/Imagine

Day 4 : Re/Claim


Every day, you'll start with a morning welcome that will help you make the most of your time. 

Continue to your 20-minute Morning Momentum working session where you will download your FREE Words of Wisdom tool kit: #WOWkit before you begin your guided meditation and journaling exercises rooted in cognitive behavior. 

 Afterwards, enjoy thought provoking 15-minute Impact Talks delivered by our selection of speakers that will fuel your fire. 

  Finish your day with a recording of exclusive LIVE sessions with Sahar that grow the work you accomplished in your Words of Wisdom kit from the Morning Momentum session.   

Learn to own your story, reclaim your power, 

and use your voice to Re/Ignite your r/EVOLUTION.

“Sahar was simply amazing, she riveted the audience with her honesty and openness. It was powerful. Every single person in that room was moved. After her talk, she stayed and chatted with everyone; her accessibility is so natural that she drew even the shyest of the crowd forward. I would highly recommend Sahar and look forward to having her return to HBO.”


“Sahar quickly revealed to our audience how to gain a new perspective on both professional and personal goals. Her ability to listen and ask perceptive questions helped me open my eyes to the voice and vast possibilities I have in my leadership role.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. The summit has concluded, can I still buy tickets? 

YES! Own Your Voice is designed as a professional development tool rooted in emotional intelligence. The $150 all-access pass gives you LIFETIME access to all talks, including the Words of Wisdom downloads, and recordings of the live sessions. 

2.  What if I want to connect with Sahar live?

No problem! She hosts events frequently, your best bet is to sign up for her newsletter!